This B is going professional!

Scratch what I said earlier – I’m going profesh with a new domain name! I recently (like last hour…) purchased the domain name so all you lovelies can head over there to get your fix!

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Talk soon!



This Basic B is back!

Hello Lovelies… I’m back!

So much has changed in the last year, and especially in the last few months. I’ve been so busy building up my career and being present with my friends and family, that I’ve really neglected that much needed me-time. In fact, I am writing this post from my bath tub, up to my shoulders in bubbles… because I am a legit Basic Bitch… no shame.

I can’t wait to give you so many new posts about clothes, travel, makeup, home decor, work updates – and being a female in male dominated work world! For now let me just say hello… it’s me, I was wondering… Just Kidding! But I do just want to say hello! All the blogging that is about to come your way makes me burst with excitement!

Love you all and talk soon! For real this time – I won’t make you wait a year!



Welcome to my West Coast Island Lifestyle Blog

Hi Readers! (Or reader, as my mom is most likely the only person reading this right now…)

Welcome to my first blog post!

You know when Blake Lively announced her lifestyle blog and it was a really big deal? Even Queen Martha had an opinion on it! I don’t think this will be like that. I think I’m coming in more with a whimper, I’ll work up to that boom later. Hopefully!

I was born and raised on Quadra Island, a teeny tiny island just off the coast of northern Vancouver Island. After high school I moved to Vancouver, BC to attend university but I never left my island roots behind. Everything I do, I incorporate a little bit of that laid-back island feel and here I will show you a little pocket of my life exploring adventures in food, fashion, home decor and of course, life and love.

I hope you enjoy a little taste of me!


Alice Rose