I was born and raised on Quadra Island, a teeny tiny island just off the coast of northern Vancouver Island. After high school I moved to Vancouver, BC to attend university but I never left my island roots behind. Everything I do, I incorporate a little bit of that laid-back island feel and here I will show you a little pocket of my life exploring adventures in food, fashion, home decor and of course, life and love.

I am a lover of lots of things. In no particular order: black licorice; red wine; handbags; Shawn; chocolate; puppies; tacos; shoes; white ales; my family; travelling; Thai curries; anything under the category of sweet and savoury; party dresses; cannoli; and did I mention red wine?


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I now live in Vancouver with my boyfriend, Shawn. He’s the best, I have a major crush on him. Shawn lives and breathes for hockey. He grew up playing in our small town, Campbell River, and went on to play Juniors in various towns and cities in Saskatchewan. After Juniors he moved down to Michigan, followed by Illinois to play professionally. I had never been a big hockey fan and to be honest barely understood the rules (What’s icing?… just kidding, I know now…) but while Shawn was playing in the states I would stream every game. It was so fun to follow along and see him doing something he was so passionate about! After a few years of this, and a few broken bones (scaphoid and thumb) he decided it was time to move back to the Pacific North West and start a carpentry apprenticeship. He’s the most handsome, kindest man I know! I’m head over heels. He’s such a big part of my life that I had to include him in this about page, otherwise I’d be missing out on a big part of who I am.

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