Holiday Style – #BringOnTheSequins

Hi all!

So I know this is a little late, as most of you are probably through with your holiday parties and are cozied up with all your loved ones! However, If are still looking for the perfect new years eve outfit, I may just have you covered! When it comes to the holidays, I really don’t think you can be over-dressed. (Unless, of course you show up in your prom dress from so many years ago that – let’s be honest – was over dressed even for that occasion). My favourite little touches for the holidays are sparkle! Statement necklaces galore, and I’ve noticed in the last year or two it’s really become more acceptable to be wearing head to toe sequins. I love it, it’s the only time of year that this is allowed, so why not totally embrace it?! Another thing I can’t get enough of is faux fur! Obviously the fur vest that has become a staple in anyones wardrobe in the last few years but also fur throws and fur pillows are present a lot right now. I think fur makes anything look just a little more chic, and a fur throw on your bed is probably the most coziest thing in the world! Especially when displayed with lots of little tea lights. #dreamy

For my outfit here, I initially picked up the skirt at H & M and didn’t think too much of it. However when I tried it on, I noticed how fab my butt looked! I even felt like maybe I had a little Kardashian in me somewhere! I initially was going to pair it with a white camisole but then found this white cropped t-shirt that I think really made it more on trend! I paired it with black suede flats from aldo, curled my hair with my new NUME Titan 3 Wand (Seriously the best thing ever!) and put on my favourite red lipstick from MAC and looked in the mirror. I kinda felt like a mix between a Kardashian (YAYY a butt!!) and Taylor Swift. Taylor has been wearing cropped tops galore lately and she cut her hair shortly after mine (hands up for the LOB look this season!). I’m definitely in love with this look, I wore it to Shawn’s office party and got many compliments on it!

Tell me in the comments what your favourite holiday trends this year are!!





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