Game Day/Casual Style

Hi guys,

So something that Shawn and I love to do once in a while is go see a Vancouver Canucks game. Since we don’t plan on living in the city forever, we have fun taking advantage of these sorts of activities while we are here. To be honest, before I started dating a hockey player I barely knew what off-sides meant or many other rules. I was a tried and true self-proclaimed ‘bandwagoner’. I’m ok with that, I think.

When Shawn moved to Illinois to play in the FHL and the CHL, I would stream everyone of his games. It was so fun to watch! That was when I really learned about hockey and started researching all about it online. It’s so funny that when someone you love is interested in something, it becomes an interest of yours too.

Anyways, so now hockey is something we both enjoy! Here is my take on a relaxed game day style. I’m wearing a jean jacket – just from H and M, but any jean jacket would do; A Wilfred blanket scarf that I mentioned in my gift guide, I seriously love these! So big and comfy; Just an old grey sweater, any t-shirt or light sweater would do though. My burgundy jeans are J Brand. I got them on sale at the Aritzia warehouse sale. I tend to buy most of my denim from this sale because you can get brands like Rag and Bone and J Brand for as low as $30!! Make sure you go on the last day as that’s when everything is marked down the most. My toque is from Roots Canada. The brown cross-body bag is one of my favourites! My parents got it for me in South Africa, it’s made from Ostrich leather! And lastly, my absolute favourite Frye boots – I’ve had these for 6 years and they’re still my favourite! Once these boots are broken in, they are just the comfiest things on your feet!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments what are some of your favourite game-day style options!!







photo 1

photo 2 (2)


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